Where Can I Get a BMW Oil Change?

Mechanic pouring engine oil into engine


No matter what kind of vehicle you have, oil changes are absolutely essential to maintaining vehicle health. If you have a luxury model like a BMW in Manchester, you’ll want to make sure that you get your oil changed at an authorized BMW service center for the highest standards in service, genuine OEM parts, and more. Find out more about BMW oil changes at Tulley BMW of Nashua, then schedule a service appointment online when you’ve hit that next service interview.

Why Get an Oil Change at a BMW Dealership?

There are several reasons that you should never settle for anything less than an authorized BMW dealership for oil change service:

  1. BMW-certified technicians are the best equipped to handle any service on your vehicle. 
  2. Depending on your BMW warranty, your next oil change could be covered as part of routine maintenance.
  3. At the Tulley BMW of Nashua service center, you can enjoy amenities like a large and comfortable waiting area, a cafe area with free food and drink, and free WiFi throughout the facility.
  4. We offer a rotating selection of service coupons, so your BMW oil change may be even more affordable than you initially thought. 
  5. During your BMW oil change visit, we will use genuine BMW parts including Original BMW Engine Oil specifically made for your BMW. Using OEM parts helps to optimize performance and prolong the lifespan of your vehicle.
  6. When you have your BMW maintained exclusively at an authorized dealership service center, it could end up increasing its resale value. 

How Can I Find a BMW Oil Change Near Me?

What if you are not currently in the Nashua area and your vehicle is in need of a BMW oil change? You can use the BMW’s Dealership Locator. Simply enter your zip code or your city/state, and you will be provided with a list of the certified dealerships and BMW service centers near you. 

What is Original BMW Engine Oil?

Original BMW Engine Oil is specifically designed by BMW engineers to enhance the performance and longevity of BMW vehicles. Make sure you choose this oil when getting your oil changed to keep your car running on Lowell, MA roads for a long time to come.

What exactly sets this motor oil apart?

  • Designed to protect the engine from sludge and captures dirt particles*
  • Helps deliver excellent fuel economy
  • Improved low-temperature performance** which is ideal for harsh NH winters.

How Much is an Oil Change for a BMW?

If you have a luxury vehicle, it can cost over $100 for a luxury vehicle oil change. At Tulley BMW of Nashua, you can take advantage of service specialsBMW Value Service, and save on your next visit from Westford!

Rely on Tulley BMW of Nashua for Your Service Needs

When your next service interval rolls around, rely on Tulley BMW of Nashua near Westford. You can also rely on our dedicated collision center, or get service tips and tricks for BMW vehicles at your local authorized BMW Center. If you want to find out how to reset your BMW service light, clean your leather seats, how to care for floor mats, or learn more about BMW ownership from our experts be sure to contact us with any questions!

*Based on industry standard sludge tests and industry standard NOACK tests.

**Applies for all 0W-grades. 5W-grades ensure a low-temperature performance in temperatures as low as -35 °C.

Service Specials

2023 Spring Tire Rebate

EXPIRES: 04/30/2023

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